Sunday, April 24, 2011

A free Saturday

The plan had been to do all this last Saturday. A stomach bug and 48 lost hours later and the weekend was over. Luckily Mer watched the kids so I could play catch up today.

Zombies for Sylvania Bowl:

The Green Knight for Brettonia Bowl
(Actually this is the second time I've painted this model. Fucking Armory matt sealer...)

Some of my Relictors, using the CSM codex:
Chaos Chosen Squad: 4 Plasma Guns, Standard of Chaos Undivided, and a regular dude.
I decided that since they have Infiltrate, I'd give them "silenced" weapons in the form of middle ages type melee weapons. Sure a giant club and and flail may not exactly be silenced be a) they're relatively quiet compared to a sword made of chainsaw and b) the assumption is that with power armor they can sneak up on people.

Chaos Warriors squad: 10 guys, Plasma Gun, Lascannon, and Icon of Tzeentch. The Icon is a captured Tzeentch demon which creates a magi-tek forcefield around each guy thanks to specially installed gear. (granting the 5+ Inv. save)

The captured demon is the Electrical Creation from the Malifaux line. Link

Friday, April 22, 2011

BBCS Stuff

Been working on the various minis that might show up in the Bloodbowl events should people roll things like "Werewolf" and "The Green Knight."

(No, no progress on the space marines. Part of me is considering not finishing and just sitting that event out.)

Below: weapons that could be thrown in during Thunder Bowl.

Mordheim Bowl warpstone potions and items that can be thrown in for Hashut (i.e. Chaos Dwarf) Bowl:

Sylvania Bowl werewolf and Mad Cap Mushrooms for Da Big Bowl: